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Monday, October 16, 2017

Summer to Fall Transition Outfits | LookBook

Bonjour, my friends!

WELCOME BACK to my Style series, where I share my favourite looks for you to be inspired by. It’s Monday yet again but fear not, I will help you have one less problem in the morning (that’s choosing an outfit). By now you’ve probably noticed that autumn is at it’s peak and everything is in warm “comfy” colours (well, except the endless rain himself)  so I thought it would be just the right time to transition from your light summer outfits to chunky and warm autumn ones. Bare with me, I’m doing this post in a different format and I hope you’ll like it. 
For today we have a list of tips on how to transition from one season to another without having to change your whole wardrobe and pack “summer” clothes in a suitcase until next year. I’m also really happy to introduce accessories back on my blog which we haven’t seen for a while.  We’re taking a step back to the basics and  looking at minimalism, specifically in jewellery. That’s probably one of my fav themes to talk about. Using small simple things to spice up your outfit and add emotions and colours to it is surely an art. I’ve been a fan of AUrate’s jewellery for quite some time and I think it’s the right time to share them with you. Their jewellery is handmade in New York City from ethically sourced materials and they give back to economically disadvantaged school children. Well, isn’t that what a great brand should be. I included one pair of their stunning earrings for each outfit just so that you can see how complementary a right accessory can be.
Enough of me rambling, let’s begin. 


Something old, something new… how it goes? It doesn’t really matter because that’s all you need for this look. I’m starting with a top trend and it’s wearing socks with heels. Yep, you heard me right, get your summer heels and put your socks on. Get them, girl. It’s no secret that I have an obsession with socks and probably have collected more pairs than there’re days in a year so trust a sock-expert. Wearing sandals with socks may seem like an obscure idea to you at first but don’t judge it so fast. It all depends on how you style it together. Of course for each pair of heels there’re some pairs of socks that’ll work the best but I can’t imagine all them at once and give you specific instructions. However, there’s a general pattern that you can use when choosing what to wear. First of, go simple or go overboard. These two ways are trendy as well. For example if your shoes are monotone then you pair them with a similar coloured socks (they can be plain of glittery like mine) and on the other hand if they have a pattern than you can go even further and wear socks with some kind of print on them (very popular: famous paintings or cartoon characters). Moreover, you can try and balance the two opposites (just do it the other way round).  

wearing: shirt - Clips; turtleneck - Wolford; pants - Zara; socks - here; heels - Zara; earrings - AUrate

Also, while we’re on this topic, look at my blouse and pants. This blouse is definitely more of a summer staple and pants are chunky and warm but they work together because they both express the same idea. In my case it’s flowy and comfy “lounge wear” (remember the pyjama trend?).

Staple denim skirt 

Moving on to something that probably most of you, my babes, have. Denim skirt. There’s not much to say about it really, just wear tights and you’re done. Of course you can go for classic black ones but why not wear something colourful and fun for autumn?

wearing: jacket - DIY; bodysuit - Wolford; skirt - Topshop; heels - Zara; earrings - AUrate

Notice how my skirt has tiny dots all over it, I’ve used this opportunity and choose a cute pair of geometric pearl earring to match the print but also keep the slender elongated look of this outfit. That’s how you can use accessories to your advantage without too much hustle.

inside out

Ah, all the fashion kids out there, this one is for you. I should admit that this look is more on the weird side (meaning not everyone would wear it) but probably my favourite or should I say my most worn one. You’ve heard of tees over long-sleeves, now get ready for tees over summer silk blouses. 

wearing: coat - Zara; t-shirt - merch; blouse - Apriori; jeans - James Jeans; platforms - Zara; earrings - AUrate 

I’m emphasising on silk just because it works best for my look in particular but you can choose any light and flowy summer blouse you have. The point here is the clash of two opposites. (That’s why I wanted to go big and chose a pair of circle earrings to emphasise how structured yet fluid this whole look is.) A big oversized t-shirt looks very rough and manly while a delicate shirt underneath is really intricate and feminine. I think that’s the case where this type of mixing really balances things out. Just in general, mixing fabrics and prints is really fun so I recommend trying it out. This can also apply to a short sleeved button up just wear it over a turtle neck (I recommend dark neutral colours). Also, I could’ve worn this blouse on top of a tee (more fitted of course) and just tuck it in without buttoning it up (this is definitely a k-pop influence). 

to suitfinity and beyond 

Finally, suits are here. I mean this wouldn't be Ivana’s post without some layering and suits. Am I right? You cannot deny the power of suits anymore so come on, get on that train I promise you’ll never regret it. Suits can be worn at any time of the year. Summer suit with a bralette underneath, autumn and spring with a warmer shirt or a “jacket under a jacket” and wintery one with a coat on top. No jokes, this one is that versatile. Looking at my outfit, I have a warm sweatshirt paired with a leather jacket for extra warmth but you wear only one of those if it’s warm outside. 

wearing: jacket - Bréal; leather jacket - Episode; sweatshirt - Gosha; pants - Zara; socks - H&M; shoes - Dr. Martens; earrings - AUrate

Again, the most simple basic rule of transitioning from summer to fall is just layering and maybe mixing in other colours. Nothing too groundbreaking, I know. On that note, I want to mention once more that you don’t need to rework your whole wardrobe, just change the little things and you’ll rock every outfit you choose to wear. 

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Easy looks for Autumn & Styling Tips | OOTW

Bonjour, my friends!

WELCOME BACK to my Style (ootd) series, where I share my favourite looks for you to be inspired by. This time I decided to try something new and so today we’re going to talk about easy way look stylish and cool with minimum effort. I’ve prepared a few looks to show you. 
I will list all of the tips at the end of the post for you, my lovely creatures. 
Now, let’s start our journey.

School gal in Uni. 

First stop is the most basic outfit ever. I call it “teenage movie school girl”and you can probably guess why.  There’s that one girl in a denim skirt, colourful shirt and of course a staple pair of Converse. 

I choose a pencil skirt from Topshop because I think most of you have something similar and paired it with a bright yellow shirt (I’ve seen a lot of yellow and orange in street style during ss18 so keep that in mind). I would advise you to go with a monotone colour instead of a graphic tee tho. 

As great as it is on it’s own we gotta add a twist ‘cause that’s what true fashionistas do, right? My two personal additions are a pair of glitter socks (remember fw17-18 had a lot of them?) and a nice long coat. 

I always say that There’s nothing a good coat can’t fix and this look is not an exception. Depending on weather of course you change socks for tights and some knee-high boots (slay queen!) and you coat for a duster if it’s to hot outside. There’s also a way to layer up this outfit for those who live in a colder climate which we’ll talk about later. 

It’s all about colours

Look numero duo (dos??? I can’t, sorry). Let’s give some attention to colour coordination. It literally is one of the easiest ways to look put together. You don’t have to do anything just match some colours. It can be clothes, shoes, accessories, your makeup (like gurrlll those eyeshadow and lip colours can be as bold as you can imagine). I think your typical win-win combo would be a red lip with red sweater (it’ll never let you down) but since colours are so in right now why not experiment with it? I’m matching a vintage oversized (no, just in XXL) Yonex puffer jacket and a pale pink OldSkool Vans. They’re in different shades but it’s still pink so they of together pretty well. 

A quick tip: start with a basic plain outfit. Like I have an H&M (thrifted) milky cashmere sweater and mom jeans (from Pull&Bear).  *Go for neutral tones.

Also, another thing about using colours that I’ve spoken a lot before is adding a pop of colour somewhere. Again, it can by literally anything. As you can see I’m wearing this dusty pumpkin socks that not only represent my love for autumn (again orange,yellow,red are so in atm)   but also go really well with pinks of my kicks and simple mom jeans.  

Gramma chic

For third look I’m expressing my gratitude for fashion brining in sweatshirts and  the whole “lazy airport look” trend. Nowadays you can buy a bunch of oversized comfy hoodies and no one will dear to say that your looks are bad. Girl, that’s high fashion. I think I’m now wearing all of my sweatshirts and hoodies that I collected throughout my whole life. In this particular look I’m rocking the Gosha sweatshirt  which I actually bought at OC (I live in Russia so you can understand the irony here). It’s truly fascinating how a few words can take your clothes from basic target chic to high fashion cool kid.

Ah, that thing about collecting old clothes, vintage is popping. That’s why I’m wearing that jacket that is my gram-ma’s. Firstly, it’s oversized and warm (big trendy plus). Secondly, it’s vintage and therefore great quality (no need to spend money). Third, it’s real life gramma style (tumblr kids aesthetic). And Finally, it’s plaid, guys, plaid is the it print of these last two season, I’ve literally seen everyone wearing some kind of plaid (especially grey blazer variation). I’m sure I’ll be able to find something similar in your own closet and at the local thrift shop.  

Again, you can add something else to your look like in my case ripped straight jeans (diy from old Armani) and some super cool socks.
 You guys know how cray I’m with socks, it’s my crazy side collecting endless amounts of weird socks. TBH right now, this pair is like everyone’s favourite and I wouldn’t argue really. 

Suit up & puff up

If I were take away one thing from past two fashion week seasons it would be SUITS. Really, suiting up isn’t just Barney’s thing anymore (although it’ll always be his signature look). I’ve seen tones of gals rocking all types of suits. Honestly, it’s undestable, you buy yourself (I thrifted mine) one nice two-piece and you never have to worry again. You can wear it during any season (remember I wore mine with bralette in the summer), with any other clothes, makeup and accessories. 

Because it’s autumn outside I went for a nice knitted sweater from Stradivarius and pair of nice pumpkin spice socks.

Now for that layering tip I promised in the first outfit. Groundbreaking news everyone! Puffer jackets are in and you wear them both under and on top of your blazers, jackets, coats and etc. I’ve already styled a puffer jacket under a coat for extra warmth so this time I’m showing you a way to wear it on top. There’s definitely no wrong way to this really but I would recommend going for something short and oversized with structure. Because you’re wearing it on top it acts as a centre piece of your outfit so keep that in mind. My jacket is from some random Chinese street shop so I can’t tell you the brand, however, it means you can find something similar that’ll be kinda cheap and affordable as well as some high end brands (if you want to). 

  • Coats save the situation
  • Remember about those colours 
  • Be a hoodie queen 
  • Start basic and dress it up
  • Gramma chic
  • Oversized is a great thing
  • Suit up
  • Layer up with puffer jackets
  • Rework classic looks
  • Socks are your best friends 

P.S. - idek if you guys noticed but I have barely any makeup and no hair style at all for these looks because the main idea of this post is to show you that you don’t need expensive fence clothes and a lot of effort to look nice and stylish 

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Plan with Me #7 | October + weekly spreads

Bonjour, my friends! 

Well, isn't it finally autumn outside! I'm so excited to start a new chapter in my life this season (aka new uni and restarting this blog). My bullet journal (or planner) is still mostly the same tho. You can see I have my usual monthly greed here with finally added timelines for uni schedule and important events, as well as future log (aka next month) with some space to fill. Along the way, I discovered that using that free space on the right like a weekly plans overview is better than just putting some random notes there. However, we still have a place for notes on this spread as well as on the next one.
Speaking of it, next spread houses a habit tracker and a free page for random stuff I need to remember . Finally, we're left with a two weekly spreads. I've tried different styles because I'm not sure which one I prefer but I think they're both pretty cute ehehe.

Materials used:
~ pigma micron 02
~ pigma graphic 1
~ edding 01; 005
~ faber-castell grip colour markers (various colours)
~ copic sketch markers in B04; E04; E35; R02; YR02
~ sponsor gel pen in orange 
~ washi tape: japanese; autumn print; mushrooms 

Also, check out my spreads, trackers, art and more for other months:

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Plan if you want to 
Stay true 

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Philosophical Life p.4 | 30 Days to Better you

Bonjour, my friends! 
So so so, haven’t seen you for a while. How are my little philosophers doing? Let’s start with our usual short intro. Another “month” of Ph. L. has come to an end and that means it's time to bring updates once again with three new chapters. If you're new to my blog or this is the first post you're reading about Philosophical Life then you definitely need to go check out previous parts (First , Second and Third). To be short, this is a monthly series where  you can join me on a journey to a better life and better you, it's never too late to start getting things together and loving yourself. 
Now back to you, my fellow people. I know that I kinda procrastinated this month with posting updates and several posts but stay with me, I’ll bring it all back and give you everything I promised. Even if you have just been following my so-to-say instructions from Part 3 then you totally felt how intense the past month has been compared to any other one of Ph. L. For that matter I wanted to make these 30 days more light and simple to give us some time to relax and enjoy last bits of summer.
 Also, don’t come at me saying that “new “month” should’ve started on 28th” ‘cause there’s no such rule. I just thought I’d leave those few days free and start fresh from Monday that’s why I’m calling it July 31 aka the first day of the fourth “month”. 
(P.S. - people of the future, just ignore these dates and come up with your own start and end of the “month”) 

Volume I
"mens sana in corpore sano"


Healthy food

As usual our point of departure for Philosophical Life journey is Body dimension and it’s first chapter Healthy Food. I can now say without a doubt that my personal relationship with food changed throughout past months but most importantly this last one. It’s no secret that food is  a humongous part of our lives and therefore there are countless themes that we can talk about. I mean we already established some basics, like Water, Salt and Sugar consumption, talked about dairy and alcohol and some other things but today I’m bringing light on a different aspect. Fourth “month” of Ph. L. is going to be dedicated to how much we eat rather than what (although don’t get me wrong, all these healthy habits we already acquired aren’t going anywhere). One thought that visits my mind palace on regular bases is “food cheating” aka craving junk and sugary food when you’ve been trying to lead a healthy life. After being excruciated by an urge to have a big fat burger I finally gave in but felt no shame (should be noted that my stomach didn’t agree with me tho) because you know what, Calories, Bitch! I managed to stay within a range of my daily calorie intake (and all the nutrients stuff isn’t that important in this particular situation). Yes, you heard me right, We Are Counting Calories. “Omg, this is so stupid and restricting” - you may say but hear me out. I’ve never been a fan of this thing as well until I tried it myself. Truth be told, after my May Spain adventures I came back with a new friend. It’s the first time in my life when I put on actual visible weight and it got me so confused. I didn’t know if I should start dieting or exercising or whatnot? Most of June I spent contemplating my life and  my newly found kilograms. Gradually, I started running and doing some yoga but couldn’t figure our if it actually helped. That’s when I stumbled upon an app called MyFitnessPal (not sponsored but I wish I were) in the commentaries under some youtube video and decided to give it a try. This app basically helps you loose, maintain or gain weight by consuming a certain amount of calories everyday. It also counts in all your daily activity including steps and exercises and can be connected with other health/fitness related apps. I wouldn’t recommend it to you unless I like it myself, don’t worry. Atm I’m at the end of my second week and so far I’m beyond satisfied. I was able to loose 1kg already (I choose o,5kg a week plan) and I’m feeling fine. Note: Of course exercising came through and helped. Most important thing is that I don’t really restrict myself from eating. Yes, I eat a little bit less than usual but it’s barely noticeable. Also, no, I’m not giving up “bad” food, I just had a piece of flawless nutty cake yesterday. The thing with counting calories is that you don’t need to be constantly stressed by what you consume, you just stay within your healthy relationship with food and learn a lot about food as well. I don’t pay a lot of attention to nutrients because it’s too much of a hustle and I know I’m generally not breaking the balance. This is my experience so far. I’ll definitely go visit a professional in near future for a consultation and I recommend you do the same but for now that’s it. Your goal (and mine) for this “month” is to look after how much you eat and record it (be it a paper diary or an app). 
Note: don’t forget to get that extra calories on a day when you exercise. 

The Plank

Last month was full of plank and other exercises in general. Did you manage to stay within our routine? How are you feeling now? You guys know that I’m trying to be as realistic and honest with you as possible and in reality, I didn’t finish the whole routine but I found something more interesting and maybe practical instead. I did kinda encourage you to do 30 Days of Yoga last time and that’s what I did myself in the begging but soon I realised that doing Yoga, Ballet Barre, Plank and Running at the same time as nearly impossible (at least for me). Instead I developed a new routine on which you’re going to join me this “month”. It will vary depending on if you can run or you can’t but it’s not too problematic. Plank won’t exist as a separate exercise for these 30 Days, it’s going to be a part of Yoga (plank is essentially a yoga pose after all) instead. You can relax and read next chapter now. 

Ballet Barre

I introduced this chapter last time and high-key hoped that we’d start taking it more seriously this month but as I just mentioned in the previous chapter, my plans changed. I found out that my body  is too weak to keep up with such an intensive routine so first of all, I need to get back to being sporty. Therefore this “month” is up to you. If you want to continue doing it or you want to stick with me. I’m putting Ballet Barre in my mind box for some time. 
However, if you feel like this exercise suites you well then just do it instead of Yoga or Running (in my routine) depending on your personal preferences. 


Waddup, welcome to a new chapter. Unexpected, I know. Why is she talking about an actual Body part in a Body dimension. What a crazy turn! Don’t exhale with relief just yet. If I say Face that doesn’t mean no exercise. On the contrary we’re are going to take good care of our pretty faces by doing exercises, massages and fancy treatments. Have you ever wondered if you’ll have a double-chin someday or do you already have it? Some of you may have a round “hamster” face like me and want to get some definition including cheek bones? This chapter is all about it. I don’t want to talk too much about it but in short: I’ve prepared some fat reducing and slimming stuff as well as Tips on How to Stay Looking Young. Look out for those posts and at the end of the “month” I’ll leave all the links as usual. 


Moving on to another dimension. Although it’s different from two others, they all serve one purpose - helping you live your life happily. Mind needs exercises too. 

Law of Attraction (new thought)

As we move to another chapter we come back to one of the first starting points of this journey. Law of Attraction can open your eyes on a lot of simple things that’ll make your life better. We’ve done so much already and even tried battling a Resting Bitch Face syndrome and challenging ourselves to five days of smiling. Looking back it kinda makes sense to me and people do really treat you differently sometimes but maybe it’s just because I live in Russia and it’s not common to “just smile” without a cause here.
An ongoing theme for this “month” is relaxation and I tried to make Soul dimension as simple and light as possible. So in this chapter I’m adding Gratitude. It’s something that’s been popular for  a couple of years now especially in planner/journaling community and we’re going to sit down and write some stuff this “month” but specifically for this chapter it’s going to be a little different. As you know Law of Attraction is based on the theory that positive thinking attracts positive energy and therefore better, happier life and so I feel it’s time to start that mind process. We are ready for this, we can do it. I hope that you’ve been following the development of the chapters because right now it will help you a lot. The concept for this Gratitude is to enjoy little moments. Whenever and wherever you are just make a note in your mind to stop and appreciate the moment. Look around where are you? Is the sun out or is it raining, maybe it’s already dark outside? What can is so special about this moment? Are you with your friends or alone? Are you reading a nice book, listening to a beautiful song or watching your fav TV show? Even if it feels like there’s nothing to be happy about just remember that you’re alive, living and breathing and you are unique, there’s no one like you anywhere not even in parallel universe, you’re contributing to this world just by existing and should value yourself accordingly. Do it everyday until it becomes a habit and we’ll share our thoughts in 30 days time. 


Next step is meditation. Did you get some mindfulness? It’ll really help with Gratitude that we’re doing this “month”. 
I always say that everyone’s different and some types of meditations may not suit you so I’m trying to look at as many different techniques as possible. However, this is not the case this time. I thought it would be nice to get some extra support and confidence this “month” and who could be your best supporter rather than you yourself. It’s good to discover all your inner demons but you’ll need to confront them someday and that calls for great strength and self-confidence. I’m going to attempt helping you gain this inner power. We’ll do something kinda strange but kinda not really. In short, I present you The Tree. Yep, we’re going to become a tree. Not a real tree of course but a spiritual representation of it. Every morning of these 30 days you should start with you standing up straight, closing your eyes and imagining that you’re a tree. Big strong tree, your arms and head are brunches, your spine and core is a big stem and your legs extend deeply into the ground becoming routes. Feel the wind blowing, feel how secure you are with your routes holding you on the ground. Feel that peace and relaxation. You’re not falling anywhere, you are strong and certain. This exercise, hopefully, will help you all types of anxiety and maybe even depression. It helps me for as long as I know. 


Slowly transitioning to another chapter that we’ve just started last “month” we haven’t yet explored it enough to something serious and we kinda need a nice base which I’m trying to form. Journaling is all about pouring your thoughts, dreams and other brain products on paper transferring it from spiritual into real physical world. Ultimately it can be used in many different (about which we already talked). I want you to start actually writing things down this “month”. Continuing on Gratitude from the other chapter we’re going to use it in a traditional way. Go grab a notebook or some paper and a pen and make it your 30 day log in thing where at the end of each day you will write one thing you’re grateful for. I don’t think I need to give you examples, you can figure it out on your own. One important thing that I would recommend is to write it all down in one place so you can look through it when you’re having bad times and need some motivation to live. 


Oh yeah, we’re doing that. I did specifically put it in the Soul dimension because most people found associate it with something spiritual. However, the basic principles of Karma (principle of cause and effect) are pretty real, that’s how most things work in the real physical world. Like you kick a ball and it moves, it’s that simple. Sadly, Karma isn’t as simple as kicking a ball but not as complicated as you think as well. I’m telling you right now that it’s going to be a long journey and you to have some patience and trust. Frankly speaking, I didn’t really know how to start this chapter and I don’t know if you guys understand the concept of Karma so if you have any questions just leave them down below and I’ll try to answer all of them or even do a separate post talking about bases of Karma. To sum it up, Karma works in two ways, if you do nice things and have positive thoughts then you get a happy, nice karmic future but if you do the opposite life will bring you a lot of suffering and problems in all imaginable ways. It has a strong connection with thinking, not just deeds, so maybe it’s time to take our talks about Law of Attraction seriously and make your mind a happier, safer space. I think there will a post in which we’ll analyse our Karmic situation and from there work out a plan. 
Note: Have you watched My Name Is Earl? Give it a try, it’s funny and somewhat corresponds our theme

The Connection


Ah, finally, last dimension. You're probably getting a little bit overwhelmed right now but stay with me for a little longer. Last “month” I didn't really add anything to Yoga except maybe a few encouragements to keep on doing it as often as you can. I, myself, attempted a 31 Day Yoga Challenge and failed, you can say, but I wouldn’t really call it a failure. It helped me develop a new easier regime combining a lot of exercises from Ph. L. life in one big routine. Okay, I’m going to explain but you’ll need to pay particular attention to the following sentences. First of, you know that Plank moved to Yoga (only for this “month”), Ballet Barre’s been put off for some time (or in my case replaced with some light overall body exercises) and so we’re left with Running and some face exercises as well as Yoga itself. As you may know I’m running 3 times a week (read more about in the corresponding chapter) so every day  when I’m not I’ll do yoga and light workouts from time to time. Overall, you’re doing some exercise everyday alternating yoga, running and regular workouts. Did you get it? If not, don’t worry, I’ll make a post talking about my monthly routine and include a schedule in a few days. 

Clean Life

Alrighty, we are nearly there. Clean Life has been one of my fav chapters so far and it honestly made life better and fixed my environment a little. I really want to do something different here but you’ll have to wait till next month to see it. As for now I’m continuing me Cleaning Guide series and Clean Body series by adding some face hacks and tips that go with the Face chapter from Body. Everything’s starting to connect and our three dimensions are finally coming closer together and forming a nice web of a decent lifestyle.


Staying with that decent lifestyle thing, let’s talk about running. It’s been only one month since we’ve started it but I can already tell you, that it changed my life. I think I found my exercise. Today I finished the last run of the month for the Start Running program and it’s a true victory. I ran for 15 minutes and managed to do around 2,5 km. I can’t say that I don’t struggle when running, like for the first time I now get a proper red face, I can hardly finish the whole run and sometimes my muscles hurt but it all doesn’t matter when start to feel it. After about two weeks I started seeing changes, I lost some weight and my stretching really improved. I can now touch the ground with hands, yass. Anyhow, I’m not trying to brag or bore you, I’m sharing my story to motivate you. If I can do it then you can do it! Most importantly, don’t stop. Even after I finished this workout plan I’m now moving on to Running for weight loss and going to continue my journey connecting running with yoga and other exercises. 


Finally, we’re on the last chapter for this “month”.  Just one more paragraph. 
For most people August is the last month before they start learning/working again (I mean even if you work full time summer still more relaxed than any other season) so it’s time to relax and start get  into a usual routine. This the reason why I decided to add Adulting. To be honest, I know nothing about adult life if though I technically am one now. I guess I would say that in some way it is becoming more aware of yourself and the world around, taking better care of your family and friends and, I think, doing boring stuff like taxes. Right now I can’t give any distinct lines to follow for this month so instead just settle that thought of Adulting in your mind and get ready to start discovering it with me.

Signing off

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I'll pay more attention to previous topics as well as add some new ones.
I may also post some semi-posts during the month and maybe explain 
more about each topic or catch you up on my progress
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